Universe: Gen-Sys Laboratories


Historical Info

Gen-Sys Laboratories was a biotech firm owned by Polytechnic Solutions and located in the San Francisco Bay area. It was here where Dr. Will Rodman was attempting to develop a viral "cure" for Alzheimer's Disease over the course of five years. The lab was run by Steven Jacobs, and other employees included Robert Franklin, Donnie Thompson and Linda. Among the chimpanzee test subjects were Bright Eyes, Lorelei, Chambers, Burke and Verdon. Bright Eyes was given the "ALZ-112" drug which increased her mental capabilities, while a military-sanctioned "variant" of the drug was administered to Burke and Verdon, the latter of whom was later shot while attempting to escape.

Around the Facility

The Gen-Sys research facility consisted of:

Steven Jacobs' Office: Where Steven Jacobs did most of his work.

Test Room: Where Robert Franklin handled the tests that showed the chimps' intelligence.

Holding Room: Which housed cells holding individual chimpanzees, along with their caretakers.

Eye Testing: Where tests were held on the visual skills of the chimpanzees.

Trial Room: Where drugs were tested on the ape subjects