Universe: Caesar's Home


Historical Info

Caesar's Home is one of the locations on Ape Mountain and is where Caesar and his family reside. It is where Cornelia, Caesar's wife gives birth to their youngest son Milo, and presumably Blue Eyes, their eldest son. It is also located on a hill near the Ape Village.


Past At the time of the Ape Village's creation on the mountains of the Muir Woods Park, Caesar made a home for himself and his family on a peak overlooking the village. From this view, the Ape King was not only able to raise a growing family but also observe the daily life of his kingdom and help his followers in whatever way he could.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes The home is first seen when Caesar upon returning to the Ape Village from the hunt is alerted by the midwives to come home immediately. Caesar quickly rushed to his home where he found his wife waiting for him while in labor, approaching his wife Caesar held her hand and Cornelia gave birth to a son named Milo who was quickly held by his father.