Universe: Blue Eyes

Name : Blue Eyes
Born : 2020 or 2021
Relatives : Father: Caesar; Mother: Cornelia; Brother: Milo
Role: Ape Prince
Species : Chimpanzee


Historical Info

Blue Eyes is an evolved chimpanzee, he is the eldest son of Ape King Caesar and his Queen, Cornelia, and the older brother of Milo. As Caesar's eldest son, Blue Eyes is the heir to his father's ape colony. Through Caesar, Blue Eyes is the adoptive great-grandson of the late Charles Rodman, the adoptive grandson of the late Will Rodman and the late Caroline Aranha, as well as the biological grandson of late chimpanzees Bright Eyes and Alpha. As Caesar's son, he is a member of the Ape Council as well as a soldier of the Ape Army. Upon the rediscovery of humans, Blue Eyes becomes the ape counterpart of Alexander. During Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Blue Eyes serves as a secondary ape protagonist.


Blue Eyes is seen as a misguided young chimpanzee who struggles to determine good from bad. Known to be stubborn and rebellious, traits he developed from both his parents, Blue Eyes is also seen to be kind and is seen to be protective over those he loves, especially his family and those closest to him, examples being his cousin Ash and his uncles Maurice and Rocket.

As the son of the Ape King, Blue Eyes is a capable leader, tactician and fighter, but tends to take his warrior traits a step too far. This is seen when he attempted to attack an incapacitated deer, which led to him receiving scars from a nearby bear. Another example is where his cousin Ash is shot during the confrontation with Carver; however, it should be noted if Blue Eyes had not stepped in when he did, Carver would have hurt or killed Ash. His recklessness and rebelliousness is seen to be counter balanced by his father with whom he Initially, has a rocky relationship with. His love for his little brother and his mother is seen to be strong, as well as his playfulness with his honorary cousin Ash.

Like his father, Caesar, Blue Eyes is only violent and aggressive towards anyone who is a threat to the people he cares about, he also has a vengeful side, after his father was seemingly believed to be killed by Carver, he wanted to avenge his father's apparent death, only on the humans who were (supposedly) responsible for his father's death.

Blue Eyes used to be a bit naive, as he used to believe Koba's lies about all humans being bad, this changed after he met Malcolm, Ellie and Alexander, and became friends with them. He would then see that everything Koba had told him about all humans being bad, are nothing but lies after finding out that his father was raised by humans who he would see as his grandparents.


In the years after the famous "Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge" and after the establishment of the Ape Village, Blue Eyes was born to Caesar and Cornelia, the king and queen of the Ape Colony. Unlike the other apes born into his generation and many of the elder generation, Blue Eyes was named because of his abnormal eye color. Growing up, he became close to his father's honorary nephew, Ash, the son of Rocket. Blue Eyes would idolized Rocket and Koba for their strength seeing the two as honorary uncles. Over this time, Blue Eyes becomes extremely close to Koba who teaches him along with his other honorary uncle Maurice.

For most of his childhood, he was the treasured heir, being Caesar's only child which changed in Blue Eyes' adolescent years when his parents were about to have a second child. As Caesar's eldest son, Blue Eyes inherited a lot of his father's personality traits and some of his mother's which include stubbornness, rebelliousness and defiance which become two of Blue Eyes' most identifiable traits.

Early in his adolescent years, Caesar assigns Blue Eyes to be a member of not only his army but his council, both skills that Blue Eyes would later need when he eventually succeeds his father as king. Also, Blue Eyes, like many of the other young apes, learns to wield weapons as a way of defending himself if the need ever arose.