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The Savage Planet of the Apes: The Omega and the Alpha

An Apes Fan Comic by Russel M. Hossain

In a thrilling eight pages of comic book splendor, artist and illustrator Russell M. Hossain presents us with an “Untold Tale of The Planet of the Apes.” Turning the plot of the original film on its head, The Savage Planet of the Apes follows a crew of simians who manage to escape earth at the end of Beneath the Planet of the Apes, but run into a spatial anomaly on the quest for a new world. The coloring and dialogue harken back to the style of 1960s comics, even including a section at the end cleverly titled “Simian Scribblings,” an homage to editor’s notes and fan letters published in the back of comic books. All in all, it’s a stunning tribute to the Apes franchise, and you never know who might show up…

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