Apes Evolution

Rise of the Great Apes

Studying The Real-World Apes That Inspired The Apes on Screen

Chimpanzees are tool users. Gorillas form organized family groups. Orangutans can learn to count. All of these examples make real apes look a lot more like their genetically-advanced counterparts than we might assume, and this is just a glimpse into the amazing things they can do.

During the development of Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), producers embarked on a biological and behavioral study of the world’s great ape species, learning as much as they could from leading zoologists and conservationists to create larger-than-life ape characters we see on screen.

Watch below to find out what it is that makes humanity’s closest evolutionary relatives so much like us, and what scientists are doing to help preserve these amazing creatures, so that future generations can continue to learn from them.