Fan Zone

Eternal Life on the Planet of the Apes

A Fan Comic by Russel M. Hossain

If you loved artist Russell M. Hossain’s Savage Planet of the Apes you’re in luck—because today’s Fan Art Friday features another one of his retro comic book creations. This time, it’s Eternal Life on the Planet of the Apes, which follows a ragtag crew of primates who’ve escaped from underground mutants. While seeking out the safety of Simianopolis, our heroes—General Maximian, Dr. Miyoung, and Jacob the Hybrid Boy—stop to rest at a mysterious castle. The castle’s denizen, Baron Karlov, is a mandrill, and though his hospitality knows no bounds, there’s something not quite right at Castle Karlov. Hossain tells this story with colorful and meticulously detailed art, including nods to the Planet of the Apes franchise that only the biggest fans will pick up on. There's also a gruesome cliffhanger, which will leave you begging for issue two.

Read the full comic on Hossain's Behance gallery!

Attribution: Original artwork belongs to Russell M. Hossain at Reposted with permission from the artist.