The Planet

Think You Know Caesar?

Experience his journey.

Warrior. Father. Savior.

From an experimental breakthrough, to the redefinition of what it means to be human, Caesar has a single-minded, relatable goal: Protect his family.

Caesar is the son of a laboratory chimpanzee. He inherited the intelligence-enhancing effects of the ALZ-112 drug tested on his mother, becoming the first of an evolved Simian race. Along with a band of formerly captive apes exposed to an enhanced ALZ-113 drug, he revolted against the humans and began a society of their own in the Redwood forests of northern California.

The human society didn’t fare quite as well. The release of ALZ-113 triggered a Simian Flu Pandemic that nearly wiped out the human population, plunging the world into a deadly conflict between humanity’s survivors and the apes.

As the leader of his species, Caesar might not have started this war, but he’s going to finish it—and ultimately preserve his family’s freedom.

See more of his compelling journey in the video below.